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User Profile Link : Charlie Kirk
Charlie Kirk

US women: Account for the majority of business start ups Are graduating college in much higher numbers than men…

Beau Willimon

In just one year as a "business man" Trump bankrupted three casinos and a hotel (1991-92). In just one year as a "…

User Profile Link : Kyle Griffin
Kyle Griffin

Owners of a Trump-branded hotel in Panama are suing the Trump Organization, demanding the termination of the manage…

Renee Shatanoff

RT @renato_mariotti: What impressed me most about @NicolleDWallace is how hard she works off the air. She fine tunes her questions and stat…

User Profile Link : Steve Hall
Steve Hall

I liked a @YouTube video How to Find the Greatest Local Business Seo Info in the USA!

Sina Soheili

@TonyNehring @RealSkipBayless The NFL needs a belichick to leave the pats, garret and linehan to be fired and Jerry…

User Profile Link : Dr Tom DePaoli
Dr Tom DePaoli

Kaizens can be exciting and fun. #lean

User Profile Link : Joe Janssen
Joe Janssen

RT @PAOnTheMic: Good morning Mr. Foles. While we appreciate Brotherly Love, u & your team stand between us & bringing it home for all the m…


RT @kingtav_: This is why y’all need to mind your business

Sweet ol' Bri ☺️

Anyone know any Raw business cards designers?


RT @sheldonG97: It’s okay to mind your business unless you’re extending help to them, they’ll be fine without your criticism, someone out t…

User Profile Link : Okse

@captnkyrsh @elledarby Did she not call herself out? I don't think the hotel even mentioned her name. She was tryin…

User Profile Link : Barbara C Phillips
Barbara C Phillips

3 Simple Year-End Business Tasks To Do Now To Win In The New Year. - #NoNPLeftBehind

User Profile Link : Professional Finesser 🧚🏽‍♀️
Professional Finesser 🧚🏽‍♀️

RT @_KWJ2: Got some unfinished business with them cheating ass patriots too 😈

User Profile Link : DannyCanTalk

@notatrumpsuppor @MichaelMores1 @Jamfan03 @SheyMckinnon @heyitsjerd @ConanOBrien ... This is largely because the h…

User Profile Link : Ali Sajjad
Ali Sajjad

Check it out! lambiloon will do creative business logo design for $5 on #Fiverr

Crypto Wisdom

@tailopez If you really wanna make an ICO you should be clear about the business model. If you don't have a good IC…


RT @CREWcrew: Deutsche Bank is willing to turn over “suspicious” financial transactions by Jared Kushner’s family business to Mueller. http…

User Profile Link : ...david jones
...david jones

The businessman exiled for being Jewish via @BBCWorld

bnicole :)

When people start minding their own business...everything will be great :)

User Profile Link : Brighton



RT @40oz_VAN: Never re-friend anyone that told your business.

Diana Navarro-Dillon

RT @CNN: Amazon to (finally) open checkout-free store in Seattle


RT @SOMEXlCAN: When you trying to mind your business but you start to hear chisme

Jarrod Bitter

Great read here! A Navy SEAL explains 8 secrets to grit and resilience | Ladders | Business News & Career Advice…


RT @TheTechnika: Amazon’s 2nd headquarters will be built in one of these 20 places. Which one do you think would be the most appropriate? 👍…

Sony 👑

RT @Diddy: If we don't inspire, motivate or support one another, we have no business being in contact.

User Profile Link : shannon white
shannon white

RT @johnkartch: Armageddon: 2,000 Comcast employees in New Hampshire will receive the $1,000 tax reform bonus

User Profile Link : Jerry Jones (Not)
Jerry Jones (Not)

Attention all Philadelphia employers, you will officially be closed for business tomorrow. #FlyEagelsFly #NFCChampionshipGame

User Profile Link : Terry McIntosh
Terry McIntosh

[QUESTION] What advice do you wish you received when you started your business?

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