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James Woods

The #FLOTUS is a woman of extraordinary grace, dignity and a rare natural beauty. It is an honor to have her stand…

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Karen Pence

Stunning views in Jordan! Enjoyed the visits to The Citadel and Roman Amphitheater. So much history and beauty!

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Ron Perlman

And WE will not let you besmirch the intrinsic beauty of this place to Make America White Again and line a few thou…


RT @cosmopolitanjp: さすがの腕前…!ブルー×ヌードオレンジがおしゃれなメイク術♡ ▼「見入っちゃう!人気ドラァグクイーンのヘア&メイク術」はこちら

Mary Lackey

Shame,Shame, More fun to Show Beauty

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The Real Cheryl Blossom

Me watching Beauty and the Beast

rie 🍂

RT @lilyvmin7: Jimin fansites captured ethereal shots , they always make him into magical being by taking the most aesthetically pictures a…

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RT @harleivy: 30 years from now people are gonna be looking at pictures of margot robbie in award shows and wondering why they weren't born…

soyun Shin🎗

RT @addyiceangel: Good Afternoon Twitterverse. Hope your worlds are full of beauty today. ✨🌸🌹🦋😊😇😊🦋🌹🌸✨

Subhash Chaturvedi..

RT @atiyaz: A joyous Basant Panchami to ALL. May Ma Saraswati bless us with the humility of wisdom, the inner glow of music and the beauty…

Charles Nanquil

The Heart and Mind are the true lens of the camera. Photography is the beauty of life captured 💙✨ #instax…

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radical al-Jabraist

@catacalypto I love "Beauty is Embarrassing," about an artist who left Tennessee for New York and got his first big…

Terry Sawyer

RT @beautifuIness: RT to win: Fenty Beauty Gloss Bomb (2 winners) 💫 must have my notifications on to win


RT @BeautyMatome_: 【今週のプレゼント企画💄】 「kissのクリーミィシアールージュ」 流行りの黒リップ?の様にも使える"10 ラメヴァイオレット"というカラー💜 とっても優秀リップです😘 応募は、2/16(金)まで! 沢山のご応募お待ちしております♡…


RT @fuzzlime: I'm not what you'd call a classic beauty but I sure as hell can make myself laugh


■見てください!! こんなに胸が大きくなったんですよ!! コレのおかげで♪


RT @_socece_: You know you really Love someone when you pray for yall to stay together 😭

❄️ Bored Kpop Panda ❄️

RT @sunrequired: In honour of Love Myself, I present "Affirmation" - an iHeart voting thread. Affirmation of the day: I open myself to…


RT @cIoudfuI: Beauty of nature


RT @naevaypal: Ma sister paid to get a cake made like the happy go lucky cup and pot from beauty and the beast n they look like there ready…

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Vishwas Bhadange

Beauty shines through the reflection of your surroundings......💕🥀#sunrise_sunsets_aroundtheworld…

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Lovatic/Harmonizer 🌹🐾💛💙💜💚

Agregué un video a una lista de reproducción de @YouTube Belle (From "Beauty and the Beast"/Audio Only)

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Beautiful Mind 🙇🏾‍♂️

Luvah’s Log Day 21. Jan 21, 2018. 10:17pm Look for the beauty in the little moments in life and build an attitude…

Viviana Ferrer

RT @gIowposts: RT TO WIN: Huda Beauty Desert Dusk, must be following me to win✨


RT @Pixel_Pixie_ca: Happy #HumpDay #freddyjeans #blackleather #sideboob #picoftheday #milf #mature #babe #sexywife #hotwife #sexy #fit #fit…

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Chicago Hairstylists

Really useful info.


RT @AngeldebritoOk: Confirmado: se va @MicaViciconte del programa de @soymajulozano

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RT @O_Madrilenos: Τι natural beauty μωρή, που μόνο το πάγκρεας έχεις αφήσει απείραχτο.

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Cosmetics 4 All

Please RT! #beauty #cosmetics #makeup Le Metier De Beaute Makes Your Soul Blossom

User Profile Link : Undisputed

RT @AlyssaBond_: Brunch with my girls , then we are gonna go watch the other half of the Beauty Palleté get her title back😉💋.…

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