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Andy Slavitt

New plans to skirt pre-existing condition protections our from Trump today. Who likes it: Republicans and Trump W…

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Senator Patty Murray

President Trump’s latest move will help insurance companies skirt the rules to boost their profits, while raising c…

User Profile Link : French Embassy U.S.
French Embassy U.S.

"I have two loves, my country and Paris" said American performer Josephine Baker in her 1930 song "J'ai Deux Amours…


RT @EXOSlayMySoul: EXO has a loyal core fanbase that went through the worst of times but still stayed on and grew nothing but stronger over…


i don’t think i’ve ever seen a more perfect skirt 😍

User Profile Link : Aaron Cooper
Aaron Cooper

@polari5_ "did you see how short her skirt was? she went to that bar wanting to get raped" ugh

User Profile Link : Laura 🙊💜
Laura 🙊💜

I just added this to my closet on Poshmark: Floral Mini Skirt + Special Gift. via @poshmarkapp #shopmycloset


RT @OliviaTuffrey: what better feeling is there than walkin hand in hand with your besties through the campsite or arena with glitter half…

User Profile Link : Rebecca Warner
Rebecca Warner

RT @PetraDvorakova1: Check out NWT COOGI Womens Black Jeans Mini Skirt size 9/10 ~$110~ #COOGI #Mini via @eBay


@FoxNews @KatiePavlich Not the best idea to sit President Perv next to skirt-wearing teenage girls. They are not sa…

User Profile Link : なおやん【メローラ】

RT @misako421: #nhkbs #スポーツイノベーションスペシャル #最新テクノロジー shirt ... @aquascutum skirt ... @hm earrings ... #frenchatelier ring ... @byboe pumps…

User Profile Link : 🐼 One Kawaii Panda 🐼
🐼 One Kawaii Panda 🐼

RT @kpop_4evs: ....i bought the skirt today....but should I really go forth and do It? I just wanna do it for fun.

Catherine Barnes

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Lillian Sanchez

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User Profile Link : Julie Le Saos
Julie Le Saos

RT @franceintheus: "I have two loves, my country and Paris" said American performer Josephine Baker in her 1930 song "J'ai Deux Amours". Ba…

User Profile Link : CityNews Padang
CityNews Padang

Supplier flare skirt paling murah, 85.000/pcs banyak tersedia pilihan dan warna, bisa reseller dropship! | cp: 085641551323/791d10639

User Profile Link : Stella Luna
Stella Luna

A short skirt on a hot day means plenty of attention. I can't say I'm too displeased. #flirtygirl


#nhkbs #スポーツイノベーションスペシャル #最新テクノロジー shirt ... @aquascutum skirt ... @hm earrings ... #frenchatelier ring ...…

Denise Ward

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Eloise Lopez

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somebody always gotta put hoe on shit , more like hoekanda forever bish where’s your crown , your skirt ??? 😩🧐👎🏾

User Profile Link : Reverend Distant
Reverend Distant

I swear only reason to watch #DantesPeak, is @LindaHOnline in that skirt :)

Juliet Starling

@RainbowGluttony "Can I look up your skirt?" Whether that was pervy or innocent, who the Hell knows anymore. Julie…

User Profile Link : JolenesAttic

I just added this to my closet on Poshmark: Sunsets Blue & Green Hawaiian Print Swim S. via…


Skirt suits are long-standing classics in women's fashion and a favorite for business .... The coolest part of the…

User Profile Link : CuriousDiversions

RT @chicstyleboutiq: Tammy Flamingo Skirt (Curvy Sizes Also Available) #Vintage #vintageclothing #retro #shopnow…


RT @liangsub: taking your sub out for dinner and sliding your hand up their skirt while they’re eating, finger fucking them under the table…


@shypanda7 Cute skirt sweetie

User Profile Link : Stocking Anarchy
Stocking Anarchy

@SparklyHunter “So...? Nobody is going to look up my skirt unless they want my foot in your ass. Stop changing my clothing..”

Interrupted Artist 🌊🌊🌊

Get a skirt , mini’s are nice.

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